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For those who love simplicity and performance at the same time

Panada is a high performance PHP development framework, yet simple. Not only in contexts about how to use it, but it also how the core system run it.

Download v1.1.0 Beta!

Or donwload for previous stable version

Download v1.0.0


Simple logical flow, less mount of size produce small foot print.


No Restrictive coding rules, just write naturally.

Open Source

With BSD license you can use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Small foot print, make your application moving faster.


Powered by native PHP 5.2.0 Filter Function.

United Coder

Code as you like, no generator. The limitation is only your imagination.

Shortener service from This service shorten all services.


Kompasiana is a social community and citizen journalism website.


Single Sign On System and users activity tracking.

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